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As a professional IC supplier, Sicomm has designed a serial of communication ICs. Focused on Walkie Talkie, Voice & Wireless communication and Things of Internet Markets.

Digital Walkie Talkie ICs: Supports a serial popular standards (dPMR,DMR,NXDN etc), and has a completely solution from baseband , RF transceiver, and RF Amplifier.

Analog Walkie Talkie ICs:: SCT3210/2 SCT3500 SCT3604

More: Voice & Wireless communication,Mesh: SCT9388, SRT8305, SCT9337


puzzle Applications

Sicomm's products has been widely used in many markets, with the help of convient development tools and solutions.

  1. Digital Walkie Talkie Applications(Railway, Shopping Mall, Factory etc)
  2. Analog Walkie Talkie Applications(FRS,GMR)
  3. Wireless communication Applications
  4. Mesh Applications


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Supports open standards.